Assessor's Office, 1 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone:(603) 610 - 7249
Exemptions / Credits and Land Use Applications
Abatement Application
Religious, Charitable and Educational Exemptions Applications
Fire/Natural Disaster Abatement Form
Change Address Form
New Hampshire Assessing Information and Standards
Low and Moderate Income Homeowner's State Property Tax Relief
ASSESSOR'S OFFICE, 1 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801 Phone:(603) 610 - 7249

City Assessor: Rosann Maurice-Lentz

Deputy Assessor: Emily Goldstein

Appraiser II: Joseph White

Data Collector: Ben Heller

Assessing Technician: Verna E. Sharpe

Assessing Clerk: Lisa Siegel



Joe White and Emily Goldstein

Property Values, Maps, Tax Calculator and 2015 Revaluation

MapGeo permits users to view combinations of layers, search parcels by property owner, address, or parcel and to perform tasks including measurements and map creation.

The site features a contemporary interface and is suitable for desktops, tablets and other large screen mobile devices. A help document is available that describes the full suite of features.

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