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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I research my family genealogy?
You can request access to unrestricted records (births prior to 1907; deaths and
marriages prior to 1957) through the State of New Hampshire Bureau of Vital
Records "Genealogy Vault" that is located at 71 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH.
It is open to the public at 8:30 - 4:00 Monday through Friday Volunteers will help
you do your research. If you have any questions for the Bureau, please contact
them directly at 603-271-4650.

Why is the wallet size birth certificate no longer available?
Effective October 1, 2008, the Division of Vital Records Administration
discontinued the issuance of wallet sized birth cards. The reasoning behind this
1. Other States were rejecting NH wallet cards as a valid document for proof of birth
2. Some Federal Agencies have questioned the validity of these records
3. Wallet Birth Card implies that the cards should be carried in a wallet and this
practice is very risky should the wallet be lost or stolen; and
4. It is anticipated that the federal government will reject the use of these cards as
an acceptable identify document in their Intelligence Reform legislation that will
be released next year

Do I need to license my dog?
Any dog that resides in the City of Portsmouth needs to be licensed by our office.
This should be done within fifteen days of moving into the City of Portsmouth. To
license your dog, you will need to complete the application on our web site and
mail the required information listed.

How do I obtain a business license for the City of Portsmouth or the State
of New Hampshire.

The City of Portsmouth does not require a business license. However, the State
of New Hampshire issues business license and applications may be obtained
from the New Hampshire Secretary of State. They may be contacted at 603-271-
3242 or via the web at www.webster.state.nh.us/sos/.

How do I become a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, or Commissioner of

The application and issuance process is handled through the New Hampshire
Secretary of State. They may be contacted at 603-271-3242 or via the web at