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Citizens Urged to Submit Questions for Gubernatorial Candidates
Participating in Education Funding Forum

May 22, 2002

PORTSMOUTH, NH – Citizens of the State of New Hampshire are urged to submit education-funding questions for the state’s candidates for governor by June 1 in advance of the Coalition Communities’ Gubernatorial Education Funding Forum scheduled June 13 in Portsmouth.

Questions from residents of the group’s 33 Coalition Communities also must be submitted by June 1 and will be given priority at the Forum if they have been submitted via the questioner’s local selectmen’s office.

The Forum begins at 7 p.m. at Portsmouth City Hall. Participating in the Forum will be all of the candidates for governor -- Democratic N.H. Sens. Mark Fernald and Bev Hollingworth; Republican candidates Craig Benson, former U. S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey and Bruce Keough; and Libertarian candidate John Babiarz.

Each of the candidates will first state his or her solution to the education-funding problem, and then be questioned by a panel of experts. The Forum moderator will then pose questions submitted in advance by residents of Coalition Communities. Questions from members of the general public, also submitted in advance and posed by the moderator on their behalf, will follow.

The general public may submit questions via e-mail at Coalition@ch.cityofportsmouth.com, via fax at 427-1575 and marked "Attention Coalition Communities," or by telephone at 431-2006, Ext. 281. Questioners must include their name, address and telephone number.

Although the Forum will be open to the general public, seating is limited. Reserved seating tickets will be issued in advance to each of the Coalition Communities.

The Coalition also is working on designing a pledge to be presented to all of the gubernatorial candidates to sign that they will commit to finding an equitable, long-term solution to the education funding problem that does not rely on statewide property taxes, as well as one for all of the candidates for State Legislature.

"The statewide property tax issue will be our litmus test when we go into the voting booths in November," Mayor Evelyn Sirrell, leader of the Coalition, has repeatedly said. "We are determined to ensure that this unjust tax is ended and replaced with a permanent alternative that benefits all of the children of New Hampshire without unfairly penalizing taxpayers simply on the basis of their zip codes."


 1 Junkins Ave., Portsmouth, NH, 03801, Tel: (603) 610-7281Fax: (603) 427-1575 Email: Coalition@ch.cityofportsmouth.com