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Haven School Playground Improvements

Haven School Playground is the next neighborhood playground to be renovated.  The goal of this project is to improve park aesthetics, safety and functionality.  The Park's site work has not been substantially rehabilitated since the 1970s.  In 1998, new playground equipment was installed; this playground equipment will be retained as part of the new improvements.  Richardson & Associates, Inc. has provided design services for the improvements and with City staff held four public meetings at the Portsmouth Public Library.  At these meetings, residents were asked to give their input on the current condition of the park and what they would like to see for the design of playground improvements.  Attendees looked at various samples of park improvements and recorded their level of like, dislike or neutrality.  Afterwards, participants were given an additional opportunity to comment on the potential design. Subsequent meetings reviewed design plan alternatives, tree removal and replanting strategies and other input. 

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November 2015


As summarized in the most recent public meeting in September, the City will be re-bid this winter in preparation for construction activities to commence in early spring and be completed by the end of the school year in June.  

Residents can expect to see the following in the coming months:

  1. In order to help defray costs of the construction project, personnel from the City's Department of Public Works will begin demolition of certain components of the Haven School Playground in preparation for the spring time construction of the site.  This will include partial demolition and removal of concrete, brick and wood retaining walls. 

  2. Some tree removal is planned to simplify construction, reduce costs, and further allow light and air into the park. In addition, new tree plantings (planted a grade) in appropriate locations will improve aesthetics and define park edges. Trees to be removed will be posted in the coming weeks in preparation for a final public hearing in front of the Trees and Greenery Committee on December 9, 2015 at Portsmouth City Hall at 7:30 a.m.   Actual removal, will take place in early spring.

  3. This winter, the project will be rebid and a contractor selected; project work will take place as soon as weather permits.

Throughout demolition and construction careful steps will be taken to ensure the safety of residents.  As a result, certain park areas will likely be closed for public access. 

Thank you very much for your past participation in the public meetings regarding this project and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation as we move forward with this long awaited improvement in your neighborhood.