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Accessibility Programs:

Accessibility Grant Program for Non-Profit Agencies
Phase One: Design Studies

What is the Accessibility Grant Program for Non-Profit Agencies?

Eligible non-profit agencies can receive grants through this program to remove architectural barriers that prevent their clients/visitors, volunteers and/or employees from obtaining services or employment at the agency. Typically, this program has funded the design and construction of accessible entranceways, interior routes of travel, and bathroom modifications. This program is administered by the City's Community Development Department.

Phase One: Design Studies
This phase provides funding to assist agencies to identify and design needed accessibility improvements at their facilities with the assistance of architectural/engineering design professionals. This assistance may include design plans, technical work specifications and opinions of probable cost for the identified accessibility improvements.

Agencies located in Portsmouth that have a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exemption status and offer services to Portsmouth clients or visitors were eligible to apply to this competitive grant program. Applications for Phase One funding were due October 30, 2003 and the grant cycle is now closed. The agencies selected will work with an Architect during the fall and winter of 2003 to design accessibility modifications at their facilities.

Phase Two: Construction Grants
This phase, if funded in a future fiscal year, could provide partial funding for the construction of accessibility improvements. Assuming funding is available, agencies with design plans, technical work specifications and cost estimates could apply on a competitive basis. Phase Two funding is contingent upon receipt by the City of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and allocation of these funds by the City for this purpose.
For More Information
Please call David Moore, Community Development Program Manager, Tel: (603) 610 726 to learn more about the Accessibility Grant Program for Non-Profit Agencies.

This program is funded through a Community Development Block Grant from U.S. Housing and Urban Development.