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Pandemic Planning Resources for Residential Care Facilities:

The documents below have been designed by the Center for Disease Control and the State of NH Department of Health and Human Services to serve as guidelines for residential care facilities, those that serve special populations, and home health care facilities as they complete their individual planning for a pandemic.
  1. Home Healthcare Checklist, CDC

  2. Long Term Care and other residential facilities Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist, CDC

  3. State and Local Pandemic Influenza Planning Checklist, CDC

  4. Influenza Surge Capacity Planning, City of Manchester, Dept. of Health used by permission

  5. Public Health Workbook to Define, Locate, and Reach Special Populations and At-Risk Populations and Summary, CDC

  6. Emergency Planning Guide for Facilities with special populations, Southwestern Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross

  7. Avian Influenza and Pandemic Flu Frequently Asked Questions, NH DHHS

  8. Avian Influenza Fact Sheet, NH DHHS

  9. Avian Influenza Human Cases to Date, Source: World Health Organization, slide developed by the Manchester Health Dept., used by permission