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New Library Project Schematic Phase

Schedule for New Library

. Library Building Program Assess needs of the community
Examine functions of the Library
. Pre-schematic Design Program integrated into physical space
Begin Environmental Review
July 2002-October 2002
. Review and Approvals City Council
Building Committee
Library Staff and Trustees
City Staff
City Boards
State/Federal approvals
Nov 2002-Feb 2003

May 2004
. Complete Schematic Drawings   June 2004
. Site Design
Architect Contract
. Final Building Design
Construction Management/
Contractor Contract
Refined Interiors
Design Detail
August 2004
.Site Preparation   December 2004
. Development of Construction Documents Plans and Specifications December 2004-July 2005
  Construction   May 2005 - October 2006
Furnishing/Moving/Occupation   November-December 2006

Updated February 27, 2008