Throughout the island there are five waterfront overlooks that are connected by a series of stone dust walking trails. The overlooks give you views of the Naval Shipyard, the historic south end of Portsmouth, and the three Piscataqua bridges.

     photo by J.D. Robinson


These spots offer some of the best views in the city and are a great place to take a picture or have a picnic. While walking on the trails you can read about the island on interpretive signs that are posted throughout your journey. Along the trails on the western part of the island is the Pine Grove area where there is a wooden bridge, stone benches, picnic tables and a beautiful water vista. The island features a variety of wildlife and vegetation including Northern climax forests such as hardwood, oak and maple trees that shade the island. The island is also home to sandy beaches, steep rocky cliffs, a salt marsh and a variety of plant material as well as many specief of birds.