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Date of Release: July 8, 2007

Reference: Portsmouth Sobriety Checkpoints and DUI Saturation Patrol Results

On Friday, July 6, 2007 at 10:00 PM through Saturday, July 7 at 2:00 AM, police officers from several seacoast and State agencies joined together as part of the Seacoast DUI Task Force in the deployment of sobriety checkpoints at two locations in Portsmouth. On the following night, Saturday, July 7, at 9:00 PM – Sunday morning, July 8, Portsmouth officers and NHSP Troop A continued the initiative in Portsmouth with an intensive DUI Saturation Patrol. The efforts of officers at the sobriety checkpoints were supported by volunteers from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Portsmouth and Dover Police Cadets.

The results of these initiatives are as follows:

Sobriety Checkpoints held on Maplewood Avenue and on Market Street in Portsmouth on July 6 -7, yielded a total of fifteen (15) arrests. Twelve of those individuals have been charged with Driving While Intoxicated and one (1) with Operating After Suspension. (Note: Charges on one individual are pending the results of a blood test and one individual was released after the results of testing were below the legal limit; therefore, their names have been omitted).

A Saturation Patrol in Portsmouth conducted on July 7 -8 resulted in a total of nine (9) arrests. Eight (8) of those arrests were for DUI and one (1) for Disobeying a Police Officer and Operating After Suspension.

This remarkable number of DUI arrests (22) in only two nights is both alarming and represents a major public safety concern for the City and surrounding Seacoast towns. Seacoast Chiefs of Police and the State of New Hampshire will continue efforts by way of Saturation Patrols and more Sobriety Checkpoints to apprehend drunk drivers in an effort to keep our streets safe from these potential killers. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that in 2005, alcohol was involved in 39% of the traffic crash fatalities in this country and resulted in 16,885 deaths.

The names of the individuals charged as a result of the aforementioned arrest are:

Justin G. Ballou 8/29/67 Beth L. Foley 1/17/85
366 East Shore Rd. 133 Water St.
Jamestown, RI Wakefield, MA

Charge: DUI Charge: DUI
… …

Michael Burns 8/24/55 Christopher J. Glidden 5/22/74
1051 Banfield Rd. 159 Hornetown Rd.
Portsmouth, NH Farmington, NH

Charge: DUI / Resisting Arrest Charge: DUI

John W. Davidson 3/19/79 Timothy F. Goddard 2/23/78
416 Great Bay Rd. 20 Neptune Cr.
Greenland, NH East Boston, MA

Charge: DUI Charge: DUI
… …

Zachary Demers 3/23/83 Matthew J. Hartley 2/12/67
33 Exeter St. #C 22 Rabbit Rd.
Newmarket, NH Dover, NH

Charge: DUI Charge: DUI
… …

John A. Digiulio 12/11/62 Matthew Herman 11/26/81 30 Tibbetts Rd. 11 Surrey Run Rd.
Fremont, NH Dover, NH

Charge: DUI Charge: DUI
… …
Bradley DiLorenzo 12/31/68 John Hiney 8/6/62
27 Doe Farm Lane 3 Rockrimmon Rd.
Newmarket, NH No. Hampton, NH

Charge: Operating After Suspension Charge: DUI

Alexandra Hoyt 2/19/84 Lauren E. Silva 10/9/85
6 Rabb Ln. 16 Joyce Ann Dr.
E. Rochester, NH Manville, RI

Charge: Aggr. DUI Charge: Aggr. DUI
… …

Walter E. Irving 9/14/85 James W. Stevens 6/26/86
7662 ST Hwy 80 44 Vine St.
Springfield Ctr., NY So. Berwick, ME

Charge: Disobeying a PO Charge: DUI
Operating After Suspension
… …

Amy E. Langton 2/4/75 Christopher Stutts 8/6/81
32 Muirfield Rd. 77 Merrimac St.
Stratham, NH Portsmouth, NH

Charge: DUI Charge: DUI
… …

Thomas LaPointe 9/12/78 Stephen W. Taylor 2/1/55
7 Malvern St. 11 Tideview Dr.
Melrose, MA Dover, NH

Charge: DUI Charge: DUI

Makita E. Marcotti 10/3/88
7 Stonecroft #1
Portsmouth, NH

Charge: DUI / Unlawful Poss. Alcohol

Gregory Robinson 2/7/47
411 Middle St. #5
Portsmouth, NH

Charge: DUI
Operating After Suspension

In addition to the aforementioned arrests in Portsmouth, NH, other local seacoast agencies deployed DUI saturation patrols within their towns. These additional DUI saturation patrols were funded by grants from the NH Highway Safety Agency and resulted in more DUI arrests not recorded at the time of this press release.

The Seacoast DUI Task Force unites the efforts of local and State agencies in the seacoast to strictly enforce DUI laws. Someday, we hope to report zero DUI arrests as the result of our efforts; until then, we will continue to aggressively patrol our streets in an effort to apprehend drunk drivers throughout the seacoast.

For questions regarding the Seacoast DUI Task Force or this weekend’s Sobriety Checkpoint/Saturation Patrol results, please contact LT Fred Hoysradt or Chief Michael Magnant of the Portsmouth Police Department.

Prepare by Lt Fred Hoysradt on behalf of:

Chief Michael Magnant
Portsmouth Police Department


 Emergency Dial 911, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Tel: (603) 427-1500