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Reference: Portsmouth Police K-9 Kai

Portsmouth Police K-9 Kai has joined the force!
There is a new ROOKIE in town.

The Police Department has a new rookie on board. K-9 Kai, a 22 month old German Shepherd Dog imported from Germany 15 months ago, was certified as a police dog along with her handler Officer Tim Black on Monday October 31st, 2005 in Windham Maine.

K-9 Kai and Officer Tim Black attended training at the Working Dog Foundation sponsored NH Police K-9 Academy located at the NH Air National Guard Base in Portsmouth, NH. for the past several months (for more information on the police dog academy you can check their website out at www.workingdog.org ). During this 400 hours basic training, she trained beside 35 other police dogs learning how to track lost and missing persons, find burglars hiding inside buildings, locate discarded evidence, jump fences, protect her handler (criminal apprehension) and the basics of dog obedience and agility.

The certification test by the national United States Police Canine Association (for more information on the USPCA you can check out their web site at www.uspcak9.com) was attended by 18 other K-9 Teams from across Maine and New Hampshire. The test judged the ability of the dog team in the following area's

Obedience test (exercise involves heeling off leash, sit, down, stay, distant hand signals, recall, down in motion, sit in motion and obedience thru a crowd of people)
Agility test (exercise involves the K-9's ability to surmount objects such as a 4 foot fence, a high wall, a low crawl, a broad jump, and a crawl thru a tunnel/culvert)
Tracking test (test involves the ability to track a person for a min of 1/2 mile thru various terrain's AND with other human contamination along the way to verify the dog can track a single person's scent)
Building Search (test involves the ability for the dog to locate AND BARK at the presence/exact location of 2 hiding people inside a large building)
Criminal Apprehension (involves the dogs ability to apprehend a simulated violent person fighting with the officer, a fleeing felony chase and apprehension, the verbal recall of the dog while in pursuit of a person, the release by a voice command of the dogs bite, the ability of the dog to do all these things while also under simulated gunfire--dog MUST ATTAIN A 100% pass rating).
Evidence Recovery (test involves the ability of the dog to locate 3 pieces of evidence such as a metal screwdriver, a drivers license or a piece of fabric that has been dropped or discarded by a person along a 1,000 square foot tall grass area.

This is the first certification for K-9 Kai and this also represents her graduating the basic police dog academy. Officer Tim Black has been the handler of K-9 Turbo for the past 4 years and has been thru a number of certifications to include this patrol dog test as well as the narcotics detector dog tests. K-9 Kai will now begin her training as a drug detection dog with an anticipated test date in Spring of 2006.

Officer Tim Black and K-9 Kai can be made available for in person interviews and photo opportunities by calling 603-610-7539. The Portsmouth Police K-9 Unit has been in service since 1985 and since that time has been responsible for thousands of arrests, dozens of lost persons located and over 1 million dollars in drugs seized. They also conduct various public relations demonstrations throughout the year to thousands of children and adults. Capt. David Ferland, 603-610-7406


 Emergency Dial 911, Portsmouth Police Department, 3 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 03801, Tel: (603) 427-1500