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Internet Sites about Bears

 We're off to see some bears!!!
Information and Images
Bear Video Cams and Slide Shows
Bear Sounds and Other Fun Surprises

Sites with Information and Images

Bear Species Descriptions
Here you can find information about each of the eight species of bears. This link takes you to the list of the bears. Click on the bear about which you want to read.
North American Bear Center
This site is the official web page of the North American Bear Center. It has information about black bears and grizzly bears, with slide shows of each. You also will find information and photos of polar bears. It is a beautiful site with photographs by wildlife biologist, Dr. Lynn Rogers. Take the time to explore the options available at this site.
Kids' Area at the North American Bear Center 
This part of the North American is designed especially for children. Listed above, are some of the highlights of this web site. Another interesting feature is a calendar of a bear's year.
Photos of Kermode Bears
You can view some interesting and beautiful pictures of the unusual kermode bear at this site. This is the creamy white to light cinnamon colored black bear.
Giant Pandas at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. 
This site tells about and shows pictures of the pandas in the National Zoo. It also gives information about the panda species. There are several clear photos, including one of a newborn panda.
The American Grizzly Bear
This site gives information on grizzly recovery issues. There are many photos and much information, as well as personal views on the bears and their habitat.
Vital Ground Foundation
Vital Ground is an organization dedicated to preserving grizzly habitat. This site is a tribute to their mascot, Bart. He was a 1400 lb. Kodiak Brown, trained by Doug Seus, and appeared in movies (such as The Bear), and TV commercials. Learn about Little Bart and Honey-Bump, too.
A Collection of Facts on Bears
This is a collection of all sorts of bear related issues. You can view a map of where bears live in the world. Visit this site and satisfy your curiosity.

Sites with Bear Video Cams and Slide Shows

National Geographic
This site from National Geographic has videos of brown bears. You can select from six different behaviors to view. Unfortunately clarity needs improvement.
North American Bear Center
Here you can see a slide shows of black bears, brown bears, and polar bears. There are captions to accompany each photos. The beautiful photographs are taken by wildlife biologist, Dr. Lynn Rogers.
Giant Pandas at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
You can watch the giant pandas at our national zoo. There are several cameras tracking their movements so you will likely have success in viewing pandas.
Pandas Photo Gallery
View some photos of pandas. Most of these photos are of Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, the pandas in The National Zoo in Washington. There are a few photos taken of them in China before they were brought to the US.
Baby Panda Photos
See photos of baby Hua Mei, the panda born at the San Diego Zoo in 1999. You can view  video of Hua Mei enjoying her birthday cake on her birthday, August 21.
Female Black Bear in Her Den
This is no longer a live video cam, but you can see a series of images taken when the cam was in operation. They show a female black bear in the den during the months of hibernation. This bear, named Whiteheart because of the white marking over her heart, was later shot by a hunter. Dr. Lynn Rogers had earned her trust when she was a cub, and had studied her behavior for three years. He tracked her with a radio collar he had put on her without the use of tranquilizers to sedate her.

Sites with Bear Sounds and other Fun Surprises

Black Bear Sounds
Black bears have many different sounds to communicate. North American Bear Center provides several audio clips recorded by Dr. Lynn Rogers, wildlife biologist. These include a cub in distress, a female bear threatening a male bear competing for her food, and a bear moaning in fear.
Who Made These Tracks?
Go to this site to see if you can identify animal tracks. Can you tell which ones are bear tracks? There is a funny surprise at the end. This article is from Minnesota Conservation Volunteer, a magazine devoted to wildlife and conservation issues.
Bear Trivia Quiz
Parents and other "beary" old folks, how much do you know about bears? Have fun with this quiz and find out if you are smarter than the average bear. (And the average bear is pretty smart.)
Grizzly Bear Jigsaw Puzzle
Try your hand at a jigsaw puzzle of a grizzly bear. This is an easier version with six pieces. You an set the number of pieces to twelve, or more. If you are a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, take the challenge and complete the puzzle with 240 rectangular pieces or 247 triangles. There is also a puzzle of a black bear.
Collection of Activities for Children
At this Smithsonian National Zoo site,  you will find some fun activities for children, including a panda mask, coloring page,  and a quiz.
Bear Crafts and Activities at Enchanted Learning
Choose between making a puppet, reading about a bear species and coloring a picture of it, or taking a quiz about bears. This site is designed especially for children.

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