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created by A Meyerhorn    March 2001

All photos on this introduction page are the courtesy
of  wildlife biologist,  Dr. Lynn L. Rogers.

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While preparing to create this web page, I searched the Internet for information on bears and came upon the beautiful wildlife photographs of wildlife biologist, Dr. Lynn L. Rogers. I found his images at  North American Bear Center. I emailed Dr. Rogers to ask permission to use his images on the web page. The next day I told my first graders about developing this page for their study of bears, and about emailing Dr. Rogers. Later that day, as I read Bears for Kids by Jeff Fair to the children, I noticed "with photographs by Lynn Rogers". I excitedly showed the children pictures of him sitting and working with black bears. He does not drug the black bears he studies, as many scientists do. Instead, he learns their "language" and earns their trust and is able to be among them as they eat, play, care for their young, and sleep. Do visit both the sites listed above to view interesting and beautiful pictures and slide shows of black bears, brown bears, and polar bears, taken by Dr. Lynn L. Rogers, a man who walks among the bears.

Dr. Lynn L. Rogers is accepted by the bears he studies.
Notice this bear is not threatened by his presence even though she has two young cubs.

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