Bear Projects Ideas

Work with a partner and choose one of the eight species of bears to study.
Learn important facts about the species and list them.

After you have learned about a species of bear, choose one of the projects to do without a partner. Share your project with the class.

Choose a bear and create a detailed scene showing it in its habitat. Make this three dimensional.
Create a bear puppet. Use fabric, a sock, or a box. Add embellishments to show the bear's features.
Make a bear mask. Explain your thinking when choosing how you developed it. (For instance, you might make a light colored bear, but tell us it is a black bear because you are depicting the Kermode bear that is cream colored.)
Paint a picture on paper or draw a picture in KidPix Deluxe and print it. Show a bear doing something that comes naturally to it, such as climbing a tree, fishing, waiting by a seal's air hole, or eating bamboo. Write about your picture in AppleWorks5 and print your writing.
Dress as a bear and give a report about that species.
Bears have an excellent sense of smell. Create a game with twelve or more different things we can smell without seeing what they are.  We will pretend to be bears and guess what the smells are.
Pretend you have discovered a species of bear not yet known. Create the bear, making it different than any bear we know, but having features that are common to bears. Give the new bear species a name.
Create a game including facts about bears. Teach us how to play it.
Make a mobile showing your bear and things you think would be important and interesting for people to know about it.


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