First Graders on Bears

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American Black Bear
  • lives in the woods of North America
  • can be black, brown, or creamy white
  • makes den under tree roots
  • sleeps in den in winter
  • eats fish, berries, honey, insects, and small animals
  • is timid and shy
  • is curious
There are eight kinds of bears.
 We studied them and learned 
 these facts. We looked in books,
 used the computer, watched 
 films, and listened to our 
 teacher. We worked in pairs. 
 Classmates added  more facts.

Image appears courtesy of 
Dr. Lynn Rogers.
Brown Bear
  • has a good sense of smell
  • is very strong
  • runs fast
  • eats fish, honey, plants, animals
  • makes den under fallen tree
  • is a good swimmer
  • cubs are small when they are born
  • usually doesn't climb trees
  • lives in Canada, northern US, and Eurasia
Polar Bear
  • is  a good swimmer
  • has big paws
  • looks white, but has black skin and clear fur
  • has guard hairs for staying warm
  • lives in Arctic Circle
  • lives on ice and snow
  • cubs born in den under snow
  • eats fish and seals and walruses
Sun Bear
  • loves honey
  • sometimes called honey bear
  • climbs trees
  • is the smallest bear
  • has short black fur
  • has a yellow patch on chest
  • lives in Southeast Asia
Sloth Bear
  • has long whitish snout
  • favorite food is termites
  • is very noisy when sucking up termites
  • has no front teeth
  • has long curved claws
  • cubs are carried on mother's back
  • can hang upside down
  • lives in wet forests
  • lives in India
    Giant Panda 
  • looks like a toy bear
  • cubs are small when born
  • weighs 200 - 300 pounds
  • eats bamboo
  • climbs trees quickly
  • makes large nest in trees
  • likes water
  • lives in mountain forests of China
  • is endangered
Spectacled Bear
  • looks like it wears glasses
  • climbs trees
  • is only bear in South America
  • eats plants insects, and small animals
Asiatic Black Bear
  • has mostly black fur
  • has thick creamy fur on chest
  • is nicknamed "moon bear" for crescent shape of light fur on chest
  • spends most of time in trees
  • is smaller than American black bear
  • lives in southern Asia

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