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As a TEACHER I will:
  • provide a safe, clean, and nurturing environment;
  • establish a clear model for students and parents of what a completed assignment should include;
  • read and write with students daily;
  • encourage children to ask questions;
  • regularly communicate with parents;
  • allow students to learn from mistakes they make;
  • provide high quality assessment and varied instructional strategies;
  • challenge all students;
  • encourage students;
  • treat all children farily;
  • model respect, repsnsibility, and safe behavior;
  • provide a quite positive learning environment where children can concentrate.
As a STUDENT I will:
  • study and complete my homework;
  • get a good night's sleep;
  • eat a good breakfast;
  • read daily;
  • listen and pay attention to the teacher and to others;
  • ask questions;
  • not pretend to understand when I don't;
  • learn from my mistakes;
  • challenge myself;
  • work hard and give my best effort;
  • share and treat others with respect; and
  • have a positive attitude toward learning.
As a PARENT I will:
  • help my child establish a daily homework routine and provide an appropriate place to work;
  • check work and assignments daily (open the backpack);
  • make sure my child is on time and is prepared daily for classes;
  • ensure that myu child is properly fed, clothed, and rested;
  • encourage my child to read daily;
  • communicate with school and teachers on a regular basis;
  • encourage my child to think independently;
  • let my child make mistakes and solve problems in her/her own way; guide my child in problem solving;
  • model respect, safe behavior, and responsibility, and
  • help my child develop a positive attitude toward school.
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