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Teaching & Learning Team Membership

The Team will consist of Eleven (11) members as follows:

  • School Principal (standing member)
  • five (5) teachers (elected)
  • four (4) parents (elected)
  • one (1) Central Office administrator (standing member)

The Team may also include as many as two alternate, non-voting parent members and two alternate non-voting staff members. In order to stand for election employees must be, and remain, on the staff at Little Harbour School. Parents must have a child enrolled and attending Little Harbour School at the time of election.

2010-2011 Teaching and Learning Team Membership

Christine Bastianelli, parent
Bonnie Kastel, parent
Maria Sillari, parent
Amanda Telford, parent
Daniela O'Neill, parent alternate
Maria Cannon, Gr. 2 teacher
Michelle Fijalkowski, Gr. 3 teacher
Claire Prout, Speech and Language specialist
Susan Pederzani, Guidance Counselor
Diane O'Callahan, Outreach Counselor
Charles Grossman, Principal
Steven Zadravec, Assistant Superintendent

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