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Power Standards
    What are Power Standards?
    Power Standards are the essential content standards based on New Hampshire Grade Level Expectations that are critical for student success. These standards do not represent the whole of the curriculum at each grade level, but rather the essential student learning for the purpose of common assessments and instructional interventions. Power standards present an answer to the question, what do we expect students to learn?

    How are Power Standards determined?
    In the summer of 2007, Portsmouth School Department staff began the process of creating power standards during summer institutes and professional development time. This ongoing process is guided by New Hampshire Grade Level Expectations, the essential question “what do students need for success in school and life?” and the following criteria:

    1. Endurance Will this standard provide students with knowledge and skills that will be of lasting value?
    2. Leverage Will this standard or indicator provide knowledge and skills that will be of value in multiple disciplines?
    3. Readiness Will this standard or indicator provide knowledge and skills that are required for the next level of learning?

    Portsmouth School Department Power Standards