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City Purchases First Zero-Gas Truck

August 19, 2008

PORTSMOUTH - The City of Portsmouth has purchased its first zero-gasoline truck, an electric no-emissions vehicle that replaces the outdated Parking Enforcement van as part of the City’s continuing commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, City Manager John Bohenko announced Tuesday.

The Miles ZX40ST Work Truck requires no gasoline, has an estimated range of 50 miles and operates at a maximum speed of 25 mph. Charging the vehicle from 50% battery capacity takes approximately four hours from a 110-volt receptacle. The vehicle also is equipped with a regenerative braking system to recharge batteries while the vehicle is in use.

The cost to drive and maintain the $18,335 truck will be approximately one-tenth that of a gasoline-powered vehicle, said Bohenko.

“This purchase is one more step in the City of Portsmouth’s efforts to become a more sustainable community and it will save our citizens money,” the City Manager said. “When we joined the Cities for Climate Protection campaign two years ago, we pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from both the City’s operations and throughout the community. This truck represents just one of our many efforts to support sustainability in Portsmouth.”

The electric truck will be garaged at the High Hanover Parking Facility and joins an electric cart used for security and maintenance inside the parking garage. The new truck replaces a 20-year-old van used for parking enforcement throughout the city.

The City of Portsmouth also has a pilot diesel program underway for other vehicles in the City’s fleet. To learn more about the City’s sustainability efforts, visit


Posted August 19, 2008