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Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee Trees and Public Greenery

City of Portsmouth Tree Inventory

The City of Portsmouth Mayor's Blue Ribbon Committee Trees and Public Greenery is conducting a city wide Urban Tree Inventory. Our goal is to collect data on all street trees in Portsmouth. Information collected will include species, location, size and condition. The Tree Inventory Data will be used to determine the urban tree canopy cover, maintain species diversity in the city, and schedule tree maintanance. The inventory will also allow the Public Works Department to coordinate future tree plantings. Urban trees are an important resource and provide many benefits including, cool the urban environment, absorb pollution and reduce stormwater runoff. This project is sponsored by the City of Portsmouth Public Works Department, the New Hampshire Division of Forests and Lands-Urban Forestry Center, and the US Forest Service.

If you have any further questions please contact Todd Croteau, Public Works General Foreman at (603) 766-1428, or A.J. Dupere, Community Forester at the Urban Forestry Center (603) 431-6774.