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Welcome to ParkPortsmouth, this site is designed to help you locate all the public parking in the Portsmouth Downtown area. Please use the menu above to navigate your way around this website. To see if the Parking Garage is full, please see the twitter feed above.


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To make a payment(s), you will need: Your parking ticket # or your plate #

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Please be advised:

  • Bills and fees may not be available for payment on-line until 2-business days after issuance
  • Payments may take up to ten (10) days to post to your account
  • There is a convenience fee associated with online bill payments...
    • Electronic checks (ACH Payment) flat fee of 35 cents
    • Credit/debit cards: Calculated based on the payment amount and fee assigned by the credit card processor

The convenience fee will be clearly shown before you confirm your total payment.  These convenience fees are NOT forwarded to the City - they are retained by the payment processor. Parking Violations may not be available for payment on-line until 2-business days after issuance.

Your information is secure.  All payment transactions are processed in an "encrypted" fashion, ensuring the security of your credit card or bank account information.  The City does not retain or store any credit card or bank account information.

Neighborhood Parking Program FAQ's

What is a Neighborhood Parking Program (NPP)?

Neighborhood Parking Programs are designated for residential areas where there is a scarcity of off-street parking for residents, where the majority of legal on-street parking spaces are utilized by commuters and non-residents, and where residents are experiencing traffic, noise and safety issues.

The NPP seeks to alleviate a common set of problems found in Portsmouth, where residential neighborhoods are situated in close proximity to non-residential developments such as offices, stores, restaurants, schools, and transit routes.

Once an NPP is established, how can I apply for a permit?

To apply for a permit, you must show proof of residency within the NPP District. Proof of residency must include both a valid NH driver’s license and the motor vehicle registration showing that the vehicle you are obtaining a permit for is registered in your name. 

A second proof of residency is required, and can be either of the following: current month utility bill or lease agreement containing the appropriate name and address.  Applicants must resolve all outstanding City-related financial obligations prior to receiving a permit. (Ie. outstanding parking tickets).

Visit our website to complete the application form. Please include scanned copies of proofs of residency.


How much does the permit cost?

The annual fee per resident vehicle would be established by the City Council Fee Committee.

When does the permit expire?

Permits expire each fiscal calendar year on June 30th.

How can service companies park in the neighborhood to work on my house?

If a resident needs to utilize a Service Provider such as a plumber or electrician, the resident may contact the Parking Clerk’s office at 603.610.7229 to request a temporary waiver for the provider for that specific date. Placards are obtained at the Parking Clerk’s office at 1 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, NH.

What If I sell my car?

You may either transfer the plate to the new vehicle and update vehicle information with the Parking Clerk’s offices, or register the new plate, cancelling the existing plate. You must again provide required proofs of residency.

Can my permit be revoked?

Yes. If you falsify any information on the NPP application form, or if you switch plates among vehicles, the permit will be revoked. A Guest Placard is intended to be transferable

If I have off-street parking, do I need to participate?

Participation in the program is voluntary.  If you choose not to participate, you must obey the posted restrictions in the area if you wish to park on the street.  Non NPP-registered vehicles are subject to enforcement.

What if I am expecting guests for an event at my home?

On a case-by-case basis, and after consideration of traffic impact, safety and other relevant factors, the Parking Division may grant an exemption from parking restrictions for special events organized by residents participating in an NPP (must have an NPP-registered vehicle for the current calendar year and submit a completed Exemption Request form-subject to approval).

How can I be sure that the City will enforce the NPP regulations?

When an NPP program is implemented, a Parking Enforcement Officer would be assigned to patrol the NPP District. Officers will apply appropriate enforcement protocols for vehicles that violate posted restrictions. The Dispatch Office can be reached at 603.766.7000, extension 7.